How to make Sephirot

  1. First you need to have God stones
  2. Gebra.Kocuna,Keced,Marcute,Vean,Tipalet,Nechard and Yesord.
  3. You need Eternal Stone and 30m gold
  4. Put all in your inventory except for the Eternal Stone.
  5. Put Eternal Stone in bracelet slot
  6. Then click the Skill Mastery that you want.
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Unlock Level 40 CELE

  1. Go to Unknown Continent… Keprha must be dead,
  2. You need Locked Seal to Enter Kephra Hall.
  3. Click NPC Refiner Odin and put the 2 Locked Seals, Magic Seal and 4 Runes. The runes must be in this order, Fehu Mannaz, Thurizas and Anzus.(Here is the image of runes you need..sorry I dont have Locked Seal and magic seal.I capture Refiner Odin too.
  4. Be carefull if the runes is not in order you may fail so double check the order before you click combine.
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How to Upgrade Cape

  1. You need 2 Locked Seal, 1 Magic Seal, and 4 Laktorerium Powder
  2. You need to go in Uxmal,The Kephra should be dead to Enter Uxmal.
  3. Click NPC Refiner Odin to upgrade.
  4. Its 100% success rate.
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How to make Mystery Stone

  1. At first you need to have 10 laktorerium in bundle and 2 scrap runes.
  2. Go to Erion,Click NPC Ehre.
  3. It’s a must that you need to click the rune first before the Laktorerium.(I took a screen shot to make it easy)
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How to make Secret Stone

  • Sun Secret Stone: Ansuz, Elhaz, Gebo, Mannaz, Raidho, Sowilo, Tiwaz
  • Land Secret Stone: Dagaz, Fehu, Kenaz, Naudhiz, Sowilo, Thurisaz, Raidho

  • Water Secret Stone: Berkano, Ehwaz, Jara, Raidho, Sowilo, Uraz, Wunjo
  • Wind Secret Stone: Elhwaz, Hagalaz, Ing, Isa, Laguz, Othel, Perthro

This is the combination of Runes to make each Secret Stones. Please make sure, you have the right combination. Click the NPC Refiner Odin and set the right combination. You need 2m to combine the Secret Stone. Note: Making Secret Stones can fail. You will loose all runes, if it fails…


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